Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Loren Niemi rocks at Passim's

Last night, Loren Niemi told at Passim's - wow.  As I mentioned at the time, I enjoyed the sensation of surrendering myself to the Story of Fata Morgana, the Widow, the Countess, the Baker, and the Map-Maker, as Loren was telling it, being carried away by a combination of his words and my self-generated images.  Storytelling is truly a collaborative venture for this reason: both storyteller and listener co-create the experience as it is occurring.  Even in the act of "surrendering to story" we listeners are still driving the (in the case, broken-down VW bug) bus alongside of the Storyteller.  What a privilege!  I felt like the red dog (fox?) that jumped through the window of the bus to obstinately sit next to the Baker, looking expectantly at him, as if to say "Okay, where to next?"

Tell on, oh tellers, tell on!

A hearty cheer and hug to the inimitable Laura Packer for making this marvelous event a reality.  It was a great show and a packed house!

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