Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dawn of a Literary Friendship

Dawn of a Literary Friendship (<- this is a live link, go ahead and click!)

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My late grandfather, Robert Phelps, was a very different kind of storyteller than yours truly, but there is no doubt that he had a way with words, especially when he took the time to write them down.  Arguably, his true and preferred mode of expression was epistolary, and it is a testament to his particular genius that, decades after his passing, his friends (in this case, Jim Salter) and relatives have kept and treasured his letters.  They are each gems of his own unique brand of distilled wit and wistful wisdom; well worth reading, and re-reading.  

In our brave new world of Twitter, blogs, e-mail, facebook, and instant messages, a good old-fashioned letter has a compelling beauty that has the power to connect us with another human being in a way that is increasingly rare and precious.

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