Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Big excitement! I'm preparing to go to Portland, OR in early March, to see three concurrent exhibitions of the work of my late grandmother, Rosemarie Beck, and to deliver a talk at Portland State University on Storytelling in relation to her work. My grandmother was an enormous inspiration to me, especially as a Storyteller, so this is a huge deal and a great opportunity. It's also a great reason to share some of her marvelous pictures on my blog, for all of you to enjoy!

Here are three paintings and one embroidery, on the theme of Antigone. These were all completed in and around 1990, which is when my grandmother was working from this this story. Typically, she depicts her characters in contemporary clothing, even though the story is from Ancient Greece.

Antigone is depicted here, flanked by her uncle, King Creon, and his son, Haemon, and her sister, Ismene.

(This one was considered a study, in preparation for a larger, more completed work)

I love the way her embroidery style mimics her brushstrokes! To see more of her embroideries, check out the current exhibit at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.

The Helzer Art Gallery at Portland Community College Rock Creek is also showing her work right now, including one of her embroideries.

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Helen Allen said...

So beautiful pictures! I was not interested in Art before I got the order here about Frida Kahlo. These works are similar in a way – both express folk motives and expressive style of painting. Thanks for sharing!