Sunday, July 20, 2008

Featured Teller at Brother Blue's

I am gearing up for my Featured Teller spot this Tuesday, July 22nd at Brother Blue's regular Storytelling evening at the Episcopal Divinity School (click here for a campus map).  If you are in the area, please come!  At 7pm, there is an Open Mic, followed by a break, and then me.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday's at Blue's are special; for me and many other storytellers, they constitute a kind of sacred space, where we can try out stories at various phases in their development for a supportive and welcoming adult audience.  There is very little critique or criticism, other than from Blue himself, who invariably offers us his unique variety of love and praise from his unstinting and inexhaustible inner source.
Of course, I cannot mention Blue without Ruth, his wife, who is responsible for keeping the Tuesdays going, arranging for the Features.  Everybody loves Ruth, most especially Blue!  He says of her, "She's the TRUTH!  She IS the Story!"  We are all so lucky to be blessed by the presence of this wonderful couple, the King and Queen of Storytelling, as far as I am concerned.                                                                    


mary said...
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Anonymous said...

good luck good luck!!! I wish i was there!!!
(someone else used my computer earlier, and i was signed in as them, so i deleted that comment. hope the story telling is wonderful!!)