Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Concerts in May

My husband, Curtis, is gearing up for a couple of big performances of several of his pieces in early May.  Naturally, he is nervous. 
Curtis, however, takes the art of being nervous to new heights.  
I'd say he's about here now: 

By next week he'll be about here:   Note the coffee.  This is entirely normal for him, and I'm sure plenty of other composers can relate.  Writing music is like gestating and then birthing a baby... and then handing it over to someone else to take care of.  He has to place his trust entirely in the performers, in this case, these folks:

The Radius Ensemble is an incredibly talented and joyous bunch of folks, and totally capable of playing the cr@p out of anything he hands them, so I think it will be fine.  That being said, I am very thankful that, as a Storyteller, I am in charge of my own performances!  From start to finish, it is entirely up to ME and no one else, to see a story through from beginning to end.  If I screw up, no one else is to blame.  And if I can make the audience laugh - or at least chuckle - I can take that with me, too.


Lucy said...

Those pictures you found for Curtis are hilarious! I hope everything goes well for him!
BTW, I'm still reeling from the whole "Doria has a blog now" thing!

Anonymous said...

good luck curtis! ps- i watched the bad breath video, and just miss being around my awesome friends!! you do such a good job.