Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tonight we had our annual Passover seder, and as usual we told silly Jewish jokes to help keep us going until we could eat.

What's the difference between matzoh and cardboard?
Cardboard doesn't leave crumbs on the carpet!

What did the seder plate say to the matzoh?  Dinner's on me!        

Hey, I didn't say they were good jokes.  I found a "Bag of Plagues" which everybody enjoyed.  And the matzoh ball soup was the best it's ever been!  Now I am STUFFED.  One thing about matzoh, it is very, er, filling.  Anyone who eats enough of it learns the hard way the true meaning behind Moses's famous words: "Let my people go!"  Hence the necessity of adding prunes to the Passover brisket.

Happy Passover!


Connecting Stories said...

LOL - Matzoh, the great constipator? I love matzoh mit schmeer(sp?) and it is my favorite snack, in season. This year I have been enjoying organic, whole grain matzoh from Whole Foods. It does leave crumbs and sure looks like cardboard, but it is yummy and has replaced my former fave, egg matzoh.

Doria said...

Mmmm, schmeer! Yup, matzoh can really, er, block you up if you're not careful! My favorite way to enjoy it is with butter and cinnamon sugar.

Check out this recipe, looks good: